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Homophobia in Singapore

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Homophobia in Singapore stems from two main factors derived from the cultural characteristics of her population: 1) religious proscriptions and 2) secular insecurity.


There are numerous websites featuring homophobic and counter-homophobic arguments. This article focuses on statements actually made by Singaporeans themselves.


Religious Proscriptions


Abrahamic Religions








Eastern religions


The Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Daoism and Buddhism have ideologically and historically been much more tolerant of homosexuality than their Abrahamic or Middle Eastern counterparts.








Arguments against Religious Proscriptions


Secular insecurity


Being historically an immigrant nation, insecure about economic survival and anxious to ensure the continuity of an intact society, the following categories of arguments have often been voiced by Singaporeans to maintain institutionalised homophobia:


Arguments against Secular insecurity


External links


  • An archive of the homophobic and counter-homophobic arguments made in the online Remaking Singapore forum: 1, 2, 3 and 4.



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